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Importance of Deep Teeth Cleaning

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Evan
Importance of Deep Teeth CleaningPeriodontal disease has proven to be quite a challenge among individuals. Combating it calls for oral care discipline. One needs to brush not less than two times daily and floss once on a daily basis. Using recommended formulated mouthwash once a day is also paramount. To halt and reverse damage to teeth due to periodontal disease, treatment from a periodontist comes in handy.

A periodontist can help you get your gums healthy again by preparing a personalized treatment plan aimed at stopping gum disease progression. Once this is achieved, the most crucial part of managing the disease is implemented. It is the maintenance phase. The periodontal disease maintenance program involves regular deep teeth cleaning procedure that entails root planing and scaling.

Deep Teeth Cleaning Procedure

Deep teeth cleaning is crucial once you are diagnosed with periodontal disease. The procedure entails a thorough gum cleaning using specialized dental tools to reach the hard-to-access areas such as the gum pockets and flash out bacterial plaque and tartar.

Root planning and scaling form part of the treatment plan. It involves removing all traces of tartar and plaque. Depending on the extent to which the gums and teeth have been affected, it might require numbing the gums using local anesthesia. The procedure may be scheduled in two visits to help ensure you get proper treatment and that all affected areas get attended to. Thereafter, you will receive deep teeth cleaning aftercare instructions.

Why Deep Teeth Cleaning is Essential

Deep teeth cleaning is critical in the treatment of periodontal disease and having it done regularly is important. Cleaning offers many benefits, the most important one being the ability to halt the progression to more serious stages of teeth damage due to periodontal disease.

Secondly, deep teeth cleaning aids in treating infection and promote healing in the gums and teeth. Thirdly, it goes a long way in protecting the roots and jawbone from damage. Additionally, deep cleaning your teeth helps eliminate bad breath.

If you are in need of dental cleaning, give us a call today. Our professionals are up to the task of ensuring you have a healthy smile and will help you restore your gum and teeth health.

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