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How Gum Disease Can Affect Your Facial Shape

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Evan
How Gum Disease Can Affect Your Facial ShapeThe inflammation, tenderness, and redness in your gum tissue or the little sensitivity you are having may not seem a big deal to you. You may think that it will go away, however, that is how periodontitis, the advanced form of gum disease starts. The early stages of gum disease are easier to manage at home by improving your oral hygiene, however, advanced stages are only treated by a specialist like a periodontist. If you don't treat gum disease, it will contribute to tooth loss, hence directly impacting your facial shape.

Missing teeth affects your Face Shape

If gum disease or periodontitis happens to cause tooth loss, your face may begin to change. Your teeth help structure your face. They give the face the desired length, width, and shape or size of the jaw. Teeth help in separating the upper and lower jawbone and lengthening the face. Consider this for example; if you open the mouth wide and close it, the first thing the mouth hits is teeth. Therefore, if those teeth are not present, you will close the mouth even further. Eventually, missing teeth are going to cause your jawbone to become smaller. The face begins to have a compressed look and your facial look changes to an undesirable form.

When you have a missing tooth, the neighboring ones can drift to occupy the missing spot or the gap. As a result, the top teeth and bottom teeth may misalign, contributing to a deeper bite in addition to a shorter face. Additionally, cavities can erode the tooth structure, resulting in a collapsed bite.

Moreover, the roots of the enamel help stimulate the jawbone while chewing. If you have missing teeth, it means that the jawbone is not stimulated and the bone matter starts deteriorating. As a result, the jawbone may lose its shape and shrink because of the breakdown of bone material. Contact our periodontic team to schedule an appointment to ensure your oral health is in excellent condition and get treatment for gum disease.

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