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An Untreated Gum Disease Can Impact Your Implants

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Evan
An Untreated Gum Disease Can Impact Your ImplantsAlthough your teeth can survive for decades doing the daily biting and chewing, often dental disease tends to be a nemesis for them. Gum disease and tooth decay cause millions of people to lose their teeth each year. And while the living tissues making up the gums and teeth are vulnerable to attack by bacteria, non-living materials such as dental implants cannot be damaged by bacteria. However, having dental implants does not mean you should ignore your oral hygiene. While the implants will not be affected by infection, the bone and other tissues supporting them will become diseased, especially with advanced gum disease. The form of gum infection that is linked to implants, also known as peri-implantitis occurs in gums surrounding an implant. After it starts, peri-implantitis is able to advance rapidly.

Why Peri-implantitis Advances Fast

The reason why peri-implantitis will advance pretty fast is that implants do not have the gum attachments you find with real teeth. These attachments play a role in fighting infections such as gum disease, and they can, in fact, slow it down. Since an implant does not have these attachments, if there is an infection occurring around the implant, it is likely to continue almost unimpeded. Also, if the bone that supports the implant screw is infected, it weakens to a point where the implants fail.

You can prevent the failure of your dental implants by continuing with your oral hygiene and ensuring that you see our periodontist for checkups. Make sure you floss and brush every day to remove dental plaque as well as the biofilm forming around the implants, which are the things responsible for gum disease.

Peri-implantitis, when it occurs, it endangers your implants. Therefore, if you notice signs of gum disease such as redness, bleeding, and swelling around the implants or other parts of your mouth, see our periodontist promptly for diagnosis and treatment.

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