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Is it Painful to Have a Gum Graft Procedure?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Evan
Is it Painful to Have a Gum Graft Procedure?People who have receding gums may reverse the problem with a surgical technique known as gum grafting. The surgery can help prevent loss of teeth and repair a smile. If you are considering gum grafting, it is likely that you worry about oral pain during and following the surgical procedure. Knowing what you expect from this surgery can help reduce anxiety and undertake the procedure with confidence.

Gum Grafting is Often Painless

Gum grafting can be a painless experience because our periodontist will use an anesthetic to numb the area. While you may experience some discomfort after the procedure, the periodontist will ensure that your experience is as painless as possible. Besides, the level of pain you may experience varies depending upon the type of gum graft performed. In situations where the periodontist does not remove tissue from the palate, mostly likely, you will not experience much discomfort. However, if tissue is removed, expect to have mild to moderate discomfort after the procedure. This occurs because the anesthesia you receive during the surgery will wear off a few hours later. At that point, you may start experiencing some discomfort. Our periodontist may recommend OTC pain relievers to ease the pain. Additionally, you may receive antibiotics if there is concern over the risk of having an infection.

If there is any pain and swelling occurring, it lasts for up to 72 hours. Of course, the pain medication will help counter the problem. Overall, gum grafting takes less time to recover compared to a root canal. It is also much less painful and many patients are able to get back to work within a day or two. However, eating and talking can be a challenge for many patients, especially over the first 24 hours.

If we recommend a gum grafting procedure, we will discuss the procedure with you to make sure that you are comfortable. Visit our periodontal office to examine your gums and see if you need gum grafting. There are other treatment options available, especially if the gums are not badly receded.

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