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What Does Impaction Mean

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Evan
What Does Impaction MeanYou might have heard a dentist use the term impacted teeth, and chances are that you did not understand what it means. Impacted teeth simply mean that your teeth are unable to protrude from underneath due to one or several reasons. In most cases, to treat impacted teeth it would require that you extract one or two teeth to give room for the teeth to emerge. Impacted teeth mostly happen with the third molar or wisdom teeth. If the condition is left untreated, it can lead to you having difficulty chewing and biting, as teeth begin to overlap and grow unevenly.

What causes impaction

The main cause of teeth impaction is the lack of enough room in your mouth, for new teeth to grow. Therefore, the tooth can remain underneath your gums for a prolonged period. The impacted tooth can therefore cause a twisting, tilting, or displacing of the other teeth in your mouth. Wisdom teeth are usually the most affected because they are the last to develop. When you are in your late teenage years, there is no more growth of your jawbone and tissues, and therefore there is not enough room to accommodate the four wisdom teeth.

Symptoms of impacted teeth

Several signs can point to you having impacted teeth. The first tell-tale sign is swelling and redness in the area where there is an impacted tooth. The gum in this area is usually tender and soft, and you are most likely to feel pain. An extended and unexplained pain in the jaw or headache can also point towards you having impacted teeth. You may also feel pain when chewing or opening your mouth.


A dental examination such as an X-ray will be important to determine whether you have an impacted tooth. Extraction is usually the preferred treatment if the impacted tooth is causing you pain and discomfort, and the dentist sees that it will affect the surrounding teeth. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

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