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Pre and Post Dental Grafting Procedure

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Evan
Pre and Post Dental Grafting Procedure Dental bone grafting is a procedure that is necessary after severe bone loss in the jaw. This procedure is primarily done before dental implant placement or when the bone loss has affected the neighboring tissues. The dental bone graft work by adding density and volume to the jaw areas where there has been bone loss. Below is the procedure that happens before, during, and after a bone grafting procedure.

Before Dental Bone Graft Placement

A general dentist or periodontist commonly performs bone graft surgery. Before grafting your teeth, the dentist will examine your oral health, primarily the state of your jaws, gums, and teeth. This is done to determine the extent of the bone loss. Then, the dentist will perform a dental scan or X-ray. Finally, the dentist will discuss with the patients the available treatment options and create a personalized treatment plan to meet the patient's needs.

During the Dental Bone Graft Procedure

Once the patient is comfortable, the dentist numbs the affected area with a local anesthetic to begin the procedure. Next, the dentist creates an incision and pushes back the gum tissue to visualize the jawbone. The specialist starts the surgery by disinfecting the affected area and adding the grafting material to help repair the loss. A membrane layer is then added to provide additional protection. Finally, the dentist repositions the gum tissue and closes the incision with sutures.

After Dental Bone Graft Procedure

Most patients experience pain, swelling, and bruising after the procedure. Pain relievers can be prescribed to manage these symptoms. However, they go away within a few days. Depending on the need of the patient, the dentist can also prescribe antibiotics. After a few days, bone fragments may start falling off, but this is not a cause for concern.
In summary, bone grafting procedures are prevalent nowadays, and there are many types of bone grafts depending on the extent of the loss. Dental bone grafts, therefore, are the best choice if you are experiencing dental bone loss.

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