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What Is The First Stage Of Periodontal Therapy?

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Evan
What Is The First Stage Of Periodontal Therapy?In the first stage of periodontal therapy, non-surgical ways are used to reduce the spread of infection and rehabilitate the gums. These ways act as the first line of protection against the spread of infection that causes gum disease. Non-surgical techniques have evolved, with results more predictable and long-lasting.

Aim of the First Stage of Periodontal Therapy

The logic behind the preliminary stage of periodontal therapy is to eliminate what might be causing periodontal disease. Taking the necessary action that is required in the first phase of the disease will be able to break the further spread of infection. These steps will help gum tissue to regenerate and reduce bleeding and inflammation. Some of the measures taken in the first stage of periodontal therapy are:

Good Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene gives harmful mouth bacteria very little chance of survival. Your daily cleaning routine should be observed well by brushing at least twice daily. Use fluoride toothpaste and floss your teeth once a day. If gum disease symptoms are beginning to show, use prescription mouthwash, as it helps fight bacteria. Visiting a dentist for regular checkups is necessary because gum disease symptoms are detected early enough for intervention.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling is the removal of plaque using dental equipment called scalers. They work by using a curved blade to scrape off plaque and tartar. More advanced ultrasonic scalers work better, as they produce little air bubbles. Since bacteria cannot survive in oxygen, ultrasonic scalers are more efficient in preventing infection.

Root planing also involves the use of the same apparatus used in scaling. The procedure is the same as scaling, only that in this case, the plaque and tartar are removed below the gumline. The root surfaces are also made smooth to eliminate rough surfaces where bacteria and plaque or tartar adhere. In our offices, we conduct exams and address gum issues professionally. Call us and book an appointment with our periodontist.

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