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Mouthguards as essentials in oral health

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Evan
Mouthguards as essentials in oral healthMouthguards are important for athletes who participate in contact sports and activities. They are designed to guard the person's teeth, gums, lips, and jaws from injury related to the contact sports that they play. Not using a mouthguard could lead to pain, dental emergencies, and long-term oral issues if a person is hit and receives oral trauma. This blog talks more about the role of mouthguards in the sports field.

Importance of mouthguards

Mouthguards act as cushions on your teeth and jaws, soaking up the impact forces from bumps and falls throughout games and practices. It could additionally help protect the teeth and jaws in case of tender tissue accidents like cuts and bruised on the lips, tongue, and cheeks.

Types of mouthguards

There are three kinds of mouthguards, standard mouthguards, boil-and-bite mouthguards, and custom mouthguards. Standard mouthguards are pre-made and are limited in length and form. The boil and bite mouthguards may however be molded to fit into a patient's mouth. Custom mouthguards are personally designed to the patient's specifications.

How to choose the best mouthguard

While deciding on a mouthguard, it is important to consider factors like the athlete's age, the sport, and the stage of play. Custom mouthguards are an exception when it comes to choosing mouthguards for athletes who engage in high-contact games, or people who wear braces and different orthodontic gadgets. It gives satisfactory protection and is comfortable.

How long do they last

The better you treat and take care of your mouthguards the more time they last. They are to be rinsed with cold water after use, keep them in a proper-ventilated box, and avoid exposing them to excessive temperatures and direct sunlight.

In conclusion, mouthguards are an important part of our sportswear. They protect the player's teeth and save you from oral issues that may arise due to trauma. Athletes of all ages are advised to invest in mouthguards, our dentists will help you in the choice of mouthguards according to your needs.

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