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Understanding Why Dentists Check Your Blood Pressure

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Andrew Admin
Image of an older woman smiling, on a couch, and not been to the dentist for years.During every routine dental checkup, you can expect your doctor to run a series of examinations. One of the main tasks is checking your blood pressure. Dentists examine your blood pressure for a variety of reasons as explained below.

Monitoring your overall health

Dental experts do more than treat your teeth, gums, and the oral cavity in general. By checking your blood pressure, they can assess the risk of hypertension with the passing years. As such, it becomes easy to detect heart issues earlier on. Blood pressure could either fall or rise. Both of the spectrums point to the need for further medical intervention. Both your oral and general health are related. Dental issues such as gum disease increase the risk of cardiovascular conditions such as heart attack and high blood pressure. Depending on the blood pressure levels, the dentists may need to consult your primary care physician to deliberate more on the best treatment option.

Safeguarding against complications during treatment

Sitting in a dentist's chair is never a comfortable position. Dentists, therefore, test your blood pressure levels during treatment to monitor your anxiety. For instance, in case of too much pain or high anxiety, your blood pressure will certainly rise. The rise indicates to the doctor the need to adjust the treatment approach. Sedatives are good options to help keep the patient at ease. Blood pressure is a key determinant of surgical candidacy. If your blood pressure is 140/190 or higher the doctor may recommend that the underlying issue causing the high blood pressure be resolved first. Research shows that hypertension can cause bleeding complications during surgery. Oral surgery is not exempt. Checking your blood pressure helps to monitor your response to anesthesia. Both local and general anesthesia can affect your blood pressure.

At our facilities, we will not just check your blood pressure. Our dental care team will offer oral cancer screenings, pulse, and oxygen level checks. We take dental and overall health very seriously. Get in touch with us today.

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