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What Exactly Does a Periodontist Do?

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
a 3d rendering of teeth undergoing periodontal treatmentA periodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating advanced gum disease called periodontitis. They have years of additional training beyond regular dental school focusing on gum health. If neglected, gum disease continues worsening, so seeing a periodontist becomes necessary.

Performing Deep Cleanings

The most common thing periodontists do is deep cleanings. Also called scaling and root planing, this goes way below the gumline to remove bacteria. After numbing your gums for comfort, they use special tools to detach plaque and tartar buildup. This also smooths out damaged root surfaces so gums can reattach tightly. The deep cleaning often takes several appointments. Expect to return for regular follow-up visits after this procedure so they can monitor healing. Your periodontist also reminds you of proper brushing and flossing methods customized to your situation.

Providing Complex Gum Surgeries

If infections persist despite deep cleanings, a periodontist may advise gum surgery. Different procedures help regrow lost bone or reposition gum tissue. One type, called flap surgery, lifts gums back so that the infection hiding underneath gets removed. After reshaping the damaged bone, gums are secured back in place, snugly fitting each tooth. Tissue grafts transplant healthy gum tissue to areas experiencing recession. This protects vulnerable roots from further exposure. Guided tissue regeneration places protein-filled membranes to help bone cells regenerate. Your periodontist works closely with your regular dentist before, during, and after surgery, and clear communication ensures well-coordinated, effective care.

Planning Ongoing Maintenance

Gum treatment does not stop after one procedure. Expect to return approximately every three months for periodontal maintenance cleanings. Your periodontist uses these visits to monitor healing and catch any worrisome changes early. Staying on track with follow-up appointments lets you retain your natural teeth longer through prompt intervention. Be sure to voice any concerns about gum pain or discomfort so solutions are implemented immediately. Contact us today to learn more about what periodontal services can do for your smile.

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