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Does Alcohol Make Periodontal Disease Worse?

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Delaware Periodontics
a close up of a mouth with inflamed gumsAfter a hard day at work, some people like to go home straight, kick off their shoes, put on light clothes, and collapse on the couch with a glass of wine. Others will pass by their favorite chill spot for a glass of wine or two bottles of beer. Whichever way you choose to relax, it might be time to go slow on that pastime activity because you may be putting yourself in danger of severe periodontitis by constantly ingesting alcoholic beverages. Let us find out how alcohol and periodontitis are connected.

What Factors Influence the Progression of Periodontitis?

If you do not seek treatment for gum disease, you risk allowing its uninhibited progression. Still, several other factors can influence the progression of periodontitis, including genetic factors, tooth factors, and the microbial composition of the dental biofilm. Apparently, certain social and behavioral factors, including the excessive consumption of alcohol, contribute to the worsening of periodontal disease.

The Link Between Alcohol Consumption and Periodontitis Progression

Alcohol can make periodontal disease worse. The connection between ingesting alcohol and gum disease getting worse rests on the effects of alcohol on the immune system. Daily intake of alcohol in excessive amounts eventually weakens your immune system. A weak immune system cannot fight off infections such as the bacteria causing periodontitis.

Under normal circumstances, your body will fight off the bacteria and slow down the progression of the disease, which means you can get it treated before it destroys the structures supporting your teeth. The lower your immune system gets, the higher the chances of periodontitis infection getting worse.

The other connection between alcohol and periodontitis emerges from the effects of alcohol on your salivary glands. Alcohol is known to slow the production of saliva. Saliva helps you fight tooth decay by neutralizing the acids produced by dental plaque. Without saliva, the acids will have an opportunity to build up and hasten the progression of gum disease.

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