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Wilmington, DE

Dental hygienists at Delaware Periodontics in Wilmington, DE.It is our mission to be Delaware's leader in periodontics and dental implants. We utilize the latest technology and research to restore the form and function of the entire oral complex. We seek to not only satisfy but exceed our patient's expectations while educating them through the process. This is accomplished with extraordinary customer service and by using the most modern and advanced techniques of our specialty and dental community at large.

The atmosphere of the office is comfortable, but also highly organized and efficient. The positive relationships that we build with our patients, our referral base, and our staff, is our ultimate reward.

Above all else, we here at Delaware Periodontics want our patients to maintain healthy, bright, and beautiful smiles! Next to that, we want our patients to feel comfortable and content during their appointments with us. Both of these goals begin with patient education! Staying informed can help you better understand the tenets of good oral health, prevent potential problems, and reveal why certain treatments are necessary.

Your Doctor, Your Team, and Our Technology

Dr. Brad at Delaware Periodontics in Wilmington, DE.Even with a strong at-home oral hygiene regimen, regular appointments with our office are vital to your oral health. If you are new to our practice, you may have a few questions about Dr. Bradford Klassman, our team, and our services. The best way to learn more is a consultation appointment. In the meantime, the following information can help you become better acquainted with our top-notch care.

Dr. Klassman and the members of our team are dedicated to serving our community with advanced treatments and comprehensive education. We believe that professional dentistry should not just enhance your smile, it should also improve your overall well-being. Recent studies have shown an intrinsic relationship between your oral, bodily, and mental health.

Our experience and expertise, along with our use of advanced technologies and techniques establishes a higher level of care. Cutting-edge technology has resulted in procedures that are safer, faster, more comfortable, and more effective than ever before. If you would like to learn more about our practice and our procedures, our team is happy to help!

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Above all else, we here at Delaware Periodontics want our patients to maintain healthy, bright, and beautiful smiles. Call us today to schedule an appointment!
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