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Dental Implant FAQ
Wilmington, DE

Diagram of a dental implant at Wilmington, DE office.If you have lost a tooth due to tooth decay or damage, then you are probably looking at replacing it with a dental implant. Of course, decisions like this often come with a lot of questions about implants. Here at Delaware Periodontics, we want to have clear communication and transparency with you, so we have assembled the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants work by replacing the entire structure of your tooth. Everything from the crown to the hidden root is replaced. A screw is placed into the bone. This becomes essentially a new base for a tooth or a restoration. After a while, the screw and bone fuse (integrate) together as one. Then it will support your new tooth for years to come, making implants much more durable and fixed than other tooth-replacement procedures like bridges or dentures. They are fixed and will look, feel, and act just like real teeth.

Do I Have Enough Jawbone for Dental Implants?

A dental implant can help people dealing with tooth loss restore their missing teeth by replacing the root of a missing tooth. The implants form a foundation for a cosmetic crown resembling and feeling like a natural tooth. One of the crucial requirements for dental implants is to have adequate jawbone, which can cause patients to ask one of the most common dental implant FAQs, "Do I have enough jawbone for dental implants?"

Since the jawbone is an anchor for dental implants, inserting a dental implant into an inadequate jawbone is highly likely to result in implant failure. Dental implants are subjected to extreme exertion as we chew food. When an implant is installed in a weak or insufficient jawbone, the jawbone cannot support or hold the implant in place, resulting in implant failure. This is why having an adequate jawbone is critical for individuals wanting dental implants.
Read more about if you have enough jawbone for dental implants here.

Who Is a Candidate for Implants?

Any adult with a healthy mouth (minus the missing tooth) and the ability to get through surgery can receive dental implants. However, if you are not healthy enough to deal with invasive surgery or have advanced gum disease, you might not be able to undergo the treatment. Otherwise, any adult can have one without any trouble, as long as they are missing a tooth.

Some of the patients that might not be eligible for the treatment would be patients that have gum disease, diabetes, or smoke regularly and could have respiratory issues. Our dentist will discuss your eligibility with you when you come to your visit.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost?

A dental implant does not cost too much more than a bridge procedure, but many people wonder if their insurance will cover the cost. The answer is: maybe. The insurance coverage of dental implant placement depends on the specific plan you have.

What Are the Advantages?

The main advantage of dental implants is that they are fixed. Unlike dentures or partials, they cannot be removed and have a reduced risk of sliding around when you eat or smile. The implants are designed to be sturdy structures that hold your teeth securely.

They are durable, can improve your appearance, and will also never decay. Proper cleaning of them will help ensure that they last as long as possible.

Does the Process Hurt?

Getting dental implants does not hurt at all, both during the procedure and also afterward. You are typically given local anesthetic during the procedure, and after the process is done you can return to everyday life. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, just like any surgery, but they will get to the point where they feel natural.

If you have any more questions about dental implants and how they can benefit your mouth, then feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions and help you figure out if dental implants are the best for you. Call Delaware Periodontics at 302-551-3553, and we will be sure to answer any questions you may have.

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Dental Implant FAQ • Wilmington, DE • Delaware Periodontics
Here at Delaware Periodontics, we want to have clear communication and transparency with you, so we have assembled the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Learn more here!
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