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Do I Have Enough Jawbone For Dental Implants
Wilmington, DE

Image of a human jaw at Delaware Periodontics in Wilmington, DE. A dental implant can help people dealing with tooth loss restore their missing teeth by replacing the root of a missing tooth. The implants form a foundation for a cosmetic crown resembling and feeling like a natural tooth. One of the crucial requirements for dental implants is to have adequate jawbone, which can cause patients to ask one of the most common dental implant FAQs, "Do I have enough jawbone for dental implants?"

Why is Adequate Jawbone a Requirement for Dental Implants?

Since the jawbone is an anchor for dental implants, inserting a dental implant into an inadequate jawbone is highly likely to result in implant failure. Dental implants are subjected to extreme exertion as we chew food. When an implant is installed in a weak or insufficient jawbone, the jawbone cannot support or hold the implant in place, resulting in implant failure. This is why having an adequate jawbone is critical for individuals wanting dental implants.

How Do I Know If I Have Enough Jawbone For Dental Implants?

You can find out if you have adequate jawbone for dental implants by visiting Dr. Bradford Klassman or Dr. Klassman at Delaware Periodontics and having a dental examination. We will inspect your mouth and take radiographs of your jaw to conclude. Occasionally, we might also prescribe computed tomography to measure the jawbone. This scan uses modern x-ray techniques to provide a 3D imaging of your jawbone. It assists our experts in obtaining essential information such as bone density, height, and shape and revealing the location of important blood vessels, nerves, and the maxillary sinus. Through these scans and examinations, we can determine if your jawbone is enough to support dental implants.

What If I Don't Have Enough Jawbone for Dental Implants?

You must not be alarmed if we don't find your jawbone sufficient to support a dental implant. Science and cosmetic dentistry have undergone immense developments in recent years and have discovered bone grafting as a solution for individuals with insufficient jawbones. This is a surgical procedure in which dentists utilize transplanted bone to encourage the repair and growth of new jawbone. During the bone grafting procedure, our experts will place new bone in the area where they want to repair damaged bone or encourage new growth.

Eventually, the cells within the new bone will begin to amalgamate and seal themselves within the old bone. This procedure can last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes long. The recovery period depends on the patient. Although one individual may feel back to normal after only two weeks of the procedure, it may take three to nine months for another person to recover completely.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have been contemplating if you have enough jawbone for dental implants you can reach us at 302-551-3553 and make an appointment with one of our professionals to obtain an answer. We will answer your questions and provide a solution if you lack the jawbone required for dental implants.

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