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Oral Systemic Health Connection

Family with glasses smiling at the cameraWhen you think about the health of your mouth, you probably think about the dentist. After all, that is where the health of our mouths starts and stops right? Well, not only is the health of your mouth important whenever you come to Delaware Periodontics but it also has ramifications for your entire body.

The health of your mouth, as well as the bacteria inside of it, can affect how healthy your body is as a whole. The mouth is the entry point for a lot of bacteria and a whole lot of diseases too.

Connecting Oral Health to Your Overall Health

Your mouth is one of the first entry points that bacteria have into your body. Bacteria enters your mouth when you eat, kiss, breathe and brush your teeth. While most of the bacteria are harmless and some of them are helpful, some of it can also be bad.

Typically, brushing and flossing your teeth can kill these bad bacteria before they become a problem. If you do not clean your mouth regularly, however, then the bad bacteria start to grow and multiply to dangerous levels.

Also, if you have dry mouth, which is typically a symptom of certain medications, then more bacteria can grow within your mouth. Gum disease can also cause problems for your body, as the advanced stages can see bacteria from your mouth entering the bloodstream.

Problems Starting in Your Mouth

Studies show that the health of your mouth is linked to various diseases, including cardiovascular disease, problems with pregnancy, and pneumonia. If bacteria from your mouth gets into your bloodstream, then they can go anywhere without any trouble.

In the case of pneumonia, a study by Yale University shows that the risk of infection is doubled if patients have poor oral hygiene. The bacteria can get into the lungs and cause bacterial pneumonia, further weakening your immune system after you catch a cold or the flu.

Other diseases that affect the health of your mouth can include diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and Osteoporosis, all diseases that can either weaken the bones of the mouth or the immune system.

Caring for Your Oral Health

Whenever we get sick, whether it is with something major like a cold or minor like a stomach bug, it is tempting to let our brushing routines fall by the wayside. However, this is one of the worst things to do. Your immune system is already fighting one illness, and you do not want to weaken its defenses by not brushing your teeth.

If you are sick, not only do you want to brush your teeth, but you should also practice other dental hygiene tips. Stay away from damaging sugar, and also do your best to stay hydrated if you are taking medications that dry out your mouth. It might be a bit more work, but at least you will not have to worry about an extra illness on top of the one that you already have.

A Healthy Mouth Means a Healthy Life

If you continue to take care of your mouth down the road, not only will it keep you cavity-free, but it will keep your body healthy. That should be all the motivation you need to resume your brushing routine. If you have more questions about how to better take care of your mouth, call Delaware Periodontics at 302-551-3553 and we would be happy to help you!

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