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Dental Consequences of Periodontal Disease

Woman in dental chair smilingSometimes periodontal disease is overlooked by people suffering from it, especially if all they have to deal with is a little gingivitis. How bad are bleeding gums or a little inflammation? Well, when the periodontal disease gets to be too severe, there are several consequences for your mouth.

Before you suffer these consequences, you need to come down to Delaware Periodontics to get some help and make sure your mouth stays intact. No one wants to deal with severe consequences, especially if they are preventable.

Losing your Teeth

According to the CDC, 75% of all tooth loss is caused by periodontal disease. If the gum diseases get severe enough, then you lose the bone and gum support that keeps your teeth in place. This can cause loose teeth and also teeth loss, which means that those gaps in your smile will all have to be replaced.

Needing Dentures

If the tooth loss keeps happening, then you will need dentures. There are a lot of consequences to needing a full or partial set of dentures as part of your new life. If you are wearing dentures, you will have to deal with the inability to eat certain foods.

Additionally, you will have trouble tasting foods, potentially have problems speaking, and have some discomfort in your mouth. There can also be problems with self-consciousness and embarrassment whenever you are out in public with your dentures.

Bad Breath

One of the most noticeable problems with gum disease is bad breath. Despite how much you brush your teeth or use mouthwash, the bad breath is caused by a bacteria buildup and will not go away. This can cause a lot of problems in your family and social life, as no one wants to talk to someone who has bad breath.

It can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness, so make sure to talk to our dentists and we can work with you to get a plan in place. That way, we can stop your bad breath in its tracks and you can feel free to talk to people again.

Problems With Your Smile

You are never fully dressed without a smile, right? However, gum disease can be a real problem in that regard. Missing teeth, loose teeth, and inflamed gums can all be embarrassing for people to see. This can cause problems if you like to smile or spend time with people.

You do not want to deal with the self-consciousness that comes with not being able to smile around those you love. It is important to make sure to defeat gum disease before it ruins your smile.

If you do not want to deal with these consequences, then a trip to our dentist’s office can help stop gum disease before it messes with your mouth. Make sure to call Delaware Periodontics at 302-551-3553 today.

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